Wednesday, March 7, 2018

30. Savory Rhubarb: Raw rhubarb-sunchoke salsa crude


Rhubarb grows well in the Pacific Northwest. Once established it can be a good food security crop. For this purpose, finding savory uses for rhubarb is a bonus. I have made Thai red coconut curry using rhubarb. I have tasted an Indian friend's sour and spicy rhubarb chutney. Another friend adds raw rhubarb to cole slaw. Here, I made a salsa crude for my black bean tacos with a side of avocado cream.

Rhubarb-Sunchoke Salsa Crude
1 stalk of rhubarb, minced finely
1/4 cup of pickled chopped Jerusalem artichokes
3 radishes, sliced and quartered
3 mini yellow carrots chopped
1/4 white onion diced
squeeze of lime juice and or lemon juice, to taste
diced fresh hot chiles, or sauce  to taste
cilantro leaves
drizzle of avocado or olive oil, Salt & Pepper
Toss all ingredients and spread on top of the tacos
See entry #15 for the pickled sun choke recipe it's stellar

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